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Manhattan: I hear people say now is not the time for congestion pricing. They are right. The right time was 50 years ago. Cars were already a threat back then, but the reliance on the automobile was not as strong as it is today.

You can spend hours sifting through statistics to prove what you already know: thousands of people have died, hundreds of thousands of people have been injured, and many more hundreds of thousands have had their lives and families destroyed by cars at that time. But drivers continue to defend their right to drive on the crowded streets of our cities, speeding, distracted and reckless. And they fight over their desire to park their private cars in all of our public space (see silly fights to remove outdoor dining). They fight for their right to speed (see senseless battles against speed cameras). They lie. Idling cars line our streets every day, usually parked illegally, polluting our air while drivers sleep, eat, play video games, watch movies – even on days when there are air quality alerts. ‘air. Like turtles carrying their homes on their backs, people have the right to have their private space anywhere and everywhere.

It’s selfish and greedy. Yes, I want cars ticketed for idling, speeding, running red lights, driving under the influence, driving while texting, obscuring license plates and parking in no-parking zones. Jail reckless drivers. Tow all cars parked on the sidewalks, including police, fire and other cars with parking signs. Get rid of all parking plates for private vehicles.

We can make our city more livable, healthier and more beautiful by reducing cars and dramatically expanding public transport. It is time. Mary Garvey

Howard Beach: I’ve seen almost daily stories of people being hit by cars, bikes or trucks, suffering serious injuries and many deaths. Most of the time it is when the conductors are spinning. Once or twice while driving, I turned a corner to see someone cross my path. Luckily I’m a slow driver and was able to pull over. I think that’s the problem. Most people cross corners out of sight of turning vehicles. Something has to be done, especially when a large vehicle is parked near the corner, blocking everyone’s view. Crossing halfway? No excuse for hit-and-runs. It’s a crime. Carole Bifulco

Sioux Falls, SD: Shame on New York’s 12th Congressional District’s Low Voter Turnout! Jerry Nadler is no longer competent to be a dog catcher in New York, much less to be a congressman in DC! This certainly does not say much for the intelligence of voters. Peggy Teslow

Bellerose: A 64-year-old man named Intazar Dar was hit in the head with a rock on the Q-line last weekend as he was coming home from work and was taken to hospital. He was on a subway platform in Brooklyn. The suspect fled. I find this attack sad and very disturbing. After seeing it on the news, I researched other attacks on the internet and was shocked. I went back to 2019. Stories of elders being attacked took up many pages. My mother taught me that I should respect our elders. I guess a lot of young people don’t care. I am 73 years old and I feel sorry for all my fellow citizens beaten and assaulted. Our subways and our streets are not safe. In addition, bail must be required for all attacks on elderly people. Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Pompton Plains, New Jersey: Vacation! ? It’s been over a month since “Red & Rover” made us smile. And it was finally after a few weeks of letters, including one from myself, questioning the omission of the comic that you reported that she was on vacation. Really! If the writer needed a vacation, that’s understandable, but is it true? Please bring it back. We need it. MaryAnn Buesing

Peekskill, NY: Excellent letter from Voicer Thomas O’Connor regarding former Yankee Craig Nettles and his continued omission from the retired numbers list. Nettles played 11 seasons in the Bronx, hitting 250 homers as a Yankee, hitting twice over 30, and was an outstanding third baseman who played on the 1977 and 1978 championship teams and pennant winners in 1976! Nettles number 9 should have joined this group years ago. One question: Why were a “t” and an “e” omitted twice from Andy Pettitte’s name? Steven Bevacqua

Huntington Station, LI: To Voicer Leonard Stevenson: Thanks for pointing out something I neglected to do. Deesha Thosar was a wonderful reporter for the Mets (my husband also preferred her coverage). I should have paid tribute to his good work. I am so happy that our team’s stories are covered by very competent and good writers. Let’s put! Nancy Macri Kennedy

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Oradell, NJ: It was a huge mistake to lose great sportswriter Deesha Thosar. She is a talented and articulate writer. I’ve been reading The News since 1955. The Sports pages have been slipping for years. Filling pages with the stats of 130 golfers for three consecutive days is a waste. Please improve. Again, I will miss Mrs. Thosar’s wonderful writings. Vinnie Basil

Hallandale Beach, Fla.: “Great” gets thrown around recklessly these days, but Kansas City has lost one of its greatest. Len Dawson represented the best of us, on and off the field – and on and off the airwaves. One of KC’s Mount Rushmores, an icon and an inspiration. Lenny the Cool, you will be remembered (and missed). Paul Bacon

Jacksonville, Fla.: I just have one question: how does the FCC allow the nightly anti-Democratic rants of these Fox News anchors? These idiots all belong to a padded nut house! They look like rabid dogs barking at the moon! Come on, FCC, do your job and gag those worming mouthpieces! Carl Hafner

Scarsdale, NY: Voicer Stamos Metzidakis thinks the difference between a democracy and a republic amounts to a quibble. He is misinformed. The very form of our government was carefully chosen by our founders, as Ben Franklin explained. They knew what British rule was and how oppressive it was. They were aware of the great size disparity between states like Rhode Island and Virginia and wanted to preserve minority freedom. They also knew that people in different states had many disagreements about politics and religion. They experienced persecution. Metzidakis should perhaps forget the etymology and learn about federalism. Ancient Greece was a democracy. Ancient Rome was a republic. Our founders chose wisely. Peter McCarthy

Brooklyn: To Voicer Robert Kralick: We write letters about your cult leader in which we call him names because it’s the only language the infantile fool speaks and understands. june lowe

Manhattan: Thank you, Chris Thurman, for your well-written (and very accurate) piece on Donald Trump (“Thanks, Donald Trump, can we have another?” editorial, August 24). I too suffer from PTSD (post-Trump stress disorder) and as a fellow psychologist I too have noted Trump’s ignorance, incompetence, madness and immorality, and cumulative toxicity he has inflicted on America, not to mention our reputation in the world. I believe enough people across the country are tired enough of his sociopathic lies, scams and selfish bullshit to stop him winning the 2024 election. But my big concern is that enough hypocrites Trump-loving people will hold various state legislative offices to overrule the results and simply award their state’s electoral votes to him. Such an incendiary result would undoubtedly end up in the Supreme Court and I have little faith that they would prevent it. Michael Udolf

Brooklyn: People with cancer or other illnesses that cost money take out loans. How about helping them? They didn’t choose to get sick! People who went to college chose to go to college. They have to repay their loans. I didn’t go to college, but now I’m going to pay other people’s college loans? Sippy-cup President Biden, the absolute worst president in history! I hope everyone who voted for him is happy. Dig deep into your pockets, this is just the beginning! Maureen Deman


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