Loans for companies by crowdlending. Useful guide

All companies need financing, therefore, the granting of loans to companies by public and private entities is fundamental for their survival and improvement.

From MytripleA we are close to companies, to help them with their financing needs for both investment and currency. But how is the application process? How is the study of your operation carried out? How is the fundraising process? There are doubts that can arise about financing for companies through crowdlending and we are going to solve them.

To do this, we have created the new Loan Guide for companies since we are aware that crowdlending is one of the new financing alternatives and doubts may arise in this regard. In this guide, you will find all the useful information to know in detail how these loans work for companies and freelancers- check my site.


Before continuing reading, do you know what are the loans for crowdlending?

Image result for crowdlendingCrowdlending is a term that comes from the union of two words in English: crowd, which means crowd, and lending, which means loan. Therefore, the crowdlending is a new loan system that connects people with people (credits for P2P companies: peer to peer, peer to peer), ie, connects those seeking loans to those who want to lend their money, and be companies or individuals.



Who is the business loan guide aimed at?

Either because you need a capital injection and you do not know how to get it, because you want to make an investment in your business, for your activity as a freelancer, or simply because you are interested or curious to know how business loans work through crowdlending, This guide is for you: useful, simple, comfortable to read and above … FREE!

In addition, many companies still do not have very clear how this system works. That’s why from MytripleA we launched the Guide for business loans for crowdlending so that they know everything necessary to request a loan for companies through crowdlending.

In this guide, we explain the method of financing by crowdlending quickly and easily, and anyone can come well to have it on hand at a certain time. You dare?

What does this business loan guide contain?

The management to obtain financing is one of the most important parts of the management of a company. If the loan that the company needs is not obtained, it will be difficult to grow, develop and be at the level of the market, which is increasingly competitive.

Business loans have always received a negative connotation, but the reality goes further. As we have said in the previous paragraph, in order to guarantee the continuity of a business, it is very important to obtain financing for the company, both to achieve greater liquidity and to make investments or create new projects.

In recent years, new ways of obtaining loans for companies have emerged, such as crowdlending. This is how MytripleA has emerged, in which many companies are finding the financing they were looking for, and whose operations have been successfully completed.

In this free business loan guide based on crowdlending you will find:


Loans for companies for crowdlending and alternative financing

We start at the beginning. We tell you what alternative financing and crowdlending consists of, why its expansion and evolution in other countries.




We introduce ourselves and tell you what you can get through the platform. MytripleA is a platform that offers loans to companies through the crowdlending method. It is the first and only platform that up to now has 2 licenses to operate, a payment entity license from the Bank of Spain and an authorization from CMNV Participatory Funding Platform, so loans for companies with us are much faster and effective not to depend on third parties to make capital movements.

In addition, in this free guide, you will learn how this type of business loans work.


Types of loans for companies that your business can obtain

Types of loans for companies that your business can obtain

We tell you the types of loans that your company can get in MytripleA. Companies, SMEs, self-employed workers, and entrepreneurs get loans for working capital and for investment.


Advantages of applying for a loan for companies with MytripleA

  • Speed in management
  • No commission for amortization, neither total nor partial
  • Without hiring additional products
  • Without small print or asterisks, we tell you all the conditions from the beginning
  • No travel, 100% online
  • You can also get your loan at an annual interest rate of 2% + Euribor


Loans at 2% per annum. The Reciprocal Guarantee Societies


We tell you how to get a loan at an interest rate of 2% per year with MytripleA, this is due to the collaboration agreement we have with Reciprocal Guarantee Societies distributed throughout the national territory. 

The loan application for companies with crowdlending

The loan application for companies with crowdlending

  1. Application for the business loan
  2. Analysis of the operation
  3. Period of financing or publication
  4. The money in the current account of the company
  5. Collection of monthly fees by MytripleA


Requirements to get a loan at MytripleA

As we have told you before, no small print. We tell you the requirements to get the loan for companies with MytripleA.

The experience of other companies

The experience of other companies

The opinion of other users is very important in making purchasing decisions and in MytripleA we know, that’s why we show you real experiences of other companies that have been financed with us. We do not say it, they say it.


Tools at your disposal

In addition, and as icing on the cake, we show you all the tools we have in MytripleA at your disposal, for your use and enjoyment.

In short, all the information to get business loans through crowdlending from start to finish, so you can easily understand how easy it is to get a business loan through crowdlending.